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Branding is the foundation on which any effective marketing communications program is built. We help businesses clearly define their purpose and positioning. We identify the emotional and philosophical concepts that provide differentiation. We then synthesize the sum-total of the business’ brand elements to carefully craft and create the visual face of the brand (identity), including the logo, typography, color palette, packaging (if needed) and messaging. This is often articulated in a brand “manifesto,” or brand management system, to ensure that the face and voice of the brand are clear and consistent while remaining flexible to support growth.

A solid brand and identity will attract new customers, increase customer retention, loyalty and advocacy, support price point strategies, and drive trial and conversion.
From well-established companies looking to enhance growth and opportunity to start-ups in need of a well-defined brand, Crosshair can help you and your business develop a concise, resonant and effective brand that works.

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